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2010 Hyundai LPI Hybrid (butane-fueled)

2010 Hyundai LPI Hybrid front 2010 Hyundai LPI Hybrid rear

2010 Hyundai LPI Hybrid - front

2010 Hyundai LPI Hybrid - rear

The Avante LPi hybrid uses a parallel-type architecture which locates the electric machine between the transmission and engine. The transmission for this vehicle is a continuously variable transmission (CVT) which allows for a wide range of engine operating speeds relative to vehicle speed.  The most notable feature regarding the Avante Hybrid is that it runs on liquid petroleum gas (LPG), which is predominately butane in South Korea (as opposed to Propane in the United States). Another notable feature of this vehicle is its lithium polymer battery pack supplied by LG Chem.

Key Technology

  • Operates using LPG
  • Lithium polymer battery pack
  • “Mild” hybrid with CVT transmission


  • Testing Summary (pdf)


Download all data (zip)

summary table

November 2012

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