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2010 VW Golf TDI Bluemotion

front rear
Front View - 2010 VW Gold TDI Bluemotion
Rear View - 2010 VW Gold TDI Bluemotion

The VW Golf TDI Bluemotion was evaluated to develop a baseline of the effects of start stop (idle stop) technology on a conventional vehicle.  Start-stop systems have the ability to automatically shuts down and restart the internal combustion engine of a conventional vehicle in order to reduce the amount of time the vehicle is left idling.  In theory, reducing the operational time of the engine will thus reduce both fuel consumption as well as emissions.

Key Technology

  • 2.0L 4 cylinder direct injection turbo diesel.
  • 6 speed manual transmission
  • Standard 12W Battery
  • Engine ON trigger: clutch pedal
  • Aero modifications from standard VW Golf
  • Tall final drive ratio


  • Presentation: APRF/AVTA Idle Stop Vehicle Testing (pdf)
  • Testing Summary (pdf)


Download all data (zip)


November 2012

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