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Omnivorous engine tested by Thomas Wallner
Thomas Wallner tests the omnivorous engine, a type of spark-ignition engine.

Argonne's engine research is contributing to advances in technology that will impact the use of conventional and alternative fuels and the design of advanced technology vehicles.

Compression Ignition

Argonne researchers use a variety of diesel engines to perform research into technologies that improve efficiency and reduce emissions, including locomotive engines, truck engines and automotive engines.

Spark Ignition

Researchers evaluate advanced combustion concepts and effects of fuel properties on engine efficiency, performance and emissions. The platforms used are a single-cylinder research engine as well as an automotive-size four-cylinder engine with direct fuel injection.


Researchers explore soot formation, the presence of intermediate combustion reaction species, in-cylinder mixing, fuel spray characterization, and combustion temperature using advanced imaging techniques.

Fuel Injection and Sprays

Researchers are developing several novel diagnostic techniques that use x-rays to study the detailed structure of fuel sprays.

Particulate Matter

Researchers focus on examining PM filtration and oxidation processes at a microscopic level. Extensive experiments are being conducted under various engine operating conditions and regeneration schemes.

Emissions Assessment

Researchers explore the technical feasibility, economic affordability, fuel-saving potential, and emissions benefits of a full range of hybrid electric vehicles.

Emissions Control

Researchers explore emission reduction using catalysts, filters and enrichment systems.


Researchers estimate the potential for energy savings and emission reductions as a result of implementing idling reduction and investigate the institutional factors that could impede implementation of idling technologies.

Multi-Dimensional Modeling

Argonne researchers are developing new enhanced spray and combustion models for alternative fuels of interest. These models are validated extensively against in-house X-ray radiography and single-cylinder test cell data.


Engine Research Facility

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