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Argonne's multidisciplinary approach to transportation research brings together scientists, engineers and researchers with diverse, but complementary, skills and experience.

Researchers are experts in the fields of chemistry, physics, computing, engineering, economics and geography, environmental science, materials science, metallurgy and ceramics, as well as transportation planning.

  • TTRDC Management
    Directors and managers
  • APRF (Advanced Powertrain Research Facility)
    Researchers working with Argonne's integrated four-wheel drive chassis dynamometer
  • Battery Technologies
    Researchers studying the energy storage needs of the light-duty vehicle market
  • Engines & Fuels
    Researchers in combustion, ignition types, emissions, idling and much more
  • Fuel Cell Technologies
    Researchers in hydrogen production and storage and fuel cell research, development and testing
  • Materials
    Researchers developing advanced materials for transportation
  • Systems Assessment
    Analysts evaluating the economic, energy and environmental impacts of transportation fuels and technologies
  • Technology Analysis
    Researchers and analysts studying the impacts of advanced vehicle technologies
  • Tribology
    Researchers studying the science of surface interactions of materials used in advanced transportation technologies
  • Vehicle Recycling
    Scientists studying and developing ways to recycle and re-use discarded vehicles and technology
  • Vehicle Systems
    Researchers involved in advanced vehicle technology research and benchmarking, including hybrid electric vehicle systems

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