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2010 Press Coverage

December 22, 2010 -- DOE Energy Blog
Interview with Pat Davis of DOE's Vehicle Technologies Program; discussion of electric vehicles

December 17, 2010 -- The Green Optimistic
Thermoelectric properties of lead chalcogenides and their application to combustion engines.

December 14, 2010 -- Wired Autopia
Aymeric Rousseau blogs about Autonomie.

December 10, 2010 -- R&D Mag
Will Elias is quoted on Argonne's battery research.

November 24, 2010 -- New York Times
Preparing Students to Roll Off the Campus and Into Big Automotive Jobs

November 19, 2010 -- Chicago Tribune
Illinois Tollway and Argonne Announce Three-Year Partnership to Work on Green Projects

October 27, 2010 -- FavStocks
Argonne partner BASF breaks ground on North American Li-ion cathode plant.

October 26, 2010 -- Autopia
Proving the Merits of Green Racing. Argonne's Forrest Jehlik blogs about his work with green racing.

October 20, 2010 -- R&D Magazine
New tool launched to help auto industry reduce costs

October 19, 2010 -- Sports Car Illustrated
Audi Green Car of the Year video. Steve Ciatti is interviewed about diesel technology

October 18, 2010 -- CNN
The New Fear: Range Anxiety. Ted Bohn is quoted.

October 13, 2010 -- VOA News
"Chicago Lab Promotes Advances in Green Diesel Technology" article and video. All about Argonne.

October 12, 2010 -- Foreign Policy
The great battery race: Argonne's Jeff Chamberlain is quoted.

October 11, 2010 -- C&EN News
Fighting friction. George Fenske is quoted.

October 11, 2010 -- Newsweek
Building a bettery battery. Argonne is mentioned.

October 8, 2010 -- The Economist
The difference engine: going electric. Argonne is mentioned.

October 6, 2010 -- CircleTrack
Project Green to make its racing debut at Oktoberfest. Argonne research is mentioned.

October 4, 2010 -- Autoblog Green
Don't put gasoline in your diesel engine, unless you work at Argonne

October 4, 2010 -- Autopia
EcoCAR Challenge Team Profile: Mississippi State University

September 29, 2010 -- Bradenton Herald
Argonne-BASF collaboration wins Deals of Distinction award

September 27, 2010 -- Autopia
Making Diesel Engines Burn Gasoline. Argonne's Steve Ciatti blogs about his work with a new combustion system.

September 16, 2010 -- New York Times
3 Teams Win Automotive X Prize

September 9, 2010 -- Autopia
Dyno-Testing the Automotive X Prize Finalists. Argonne's Mike Duoba blogs about the lab's role in the competition.

September 4, 2010 -- Green Car Reports
A Look At What's Cooking At Argonne National Laboratory

August 31, 2010 -- Crain's Chicago Business
U.S., Chinese scientists gather at Argonne for hybrid, electric battery research session

August 24, 2010 -- Autoblog Green
Well-to-wheel emissions of plug-in-hybrids will be all over the map

August 30, 2010 -- autoMedia
Famed National Research Lab Studies "Exciting Advantages" of Diesels

August 24, 2010 --
Your Tax Dollars at Work: Argonne Lab's Diesel Research

August 21, 2010 -- Southtown Star
Car tour showcases diesel engines in 'greener' light

August 18. 2010 --
For University of Michigan grad, running Argonne National Lab's auto test facility is 'cutting-edge' experience. Glenn Keller is featured.

August 9, 2010 --
Don’t Dumb Down Window Stickers for Plug-in Cars. Mike Duoba is quoted.

August 1, 2010 -- Daily Herald
All about green car choices. Don Hillebrand is quoted.

August 1, 2010 -- Biodiesel Magazine
Hard work has made biodiesel a "drop-in" fuel. Argonne's Seth Snyder is quoted.

July 30, 2010 -- Popular Mechanics
Update: Third-Round Knockouts for Auto X Prize Race.

July 28, 2010 -- Daytona Beach News-Journal
Green car passes test at NSS. Forrest Jehlik is quoted.

July 27, 2010 -- Scientific American Observations
Nine Automotive X Prize competitors move to final round. Argonne is mentioned.

July 26, 2010 -- Autoblog Green
Study: Argonne makes the case for a propane-powered automotive future.

July 22, 2010 -- VOA News
China's Minister of Science and Technology Gang Wan knows automobiles.

July 19, 2010 -- NGV Global News
US Well-to-Wheels Analysis of Landfill Gas-Based Pathways. Argonne report is featured.

July 15, 2010 -- Daytona Beach News-Journal
Forrest Jehlik and his rag-tag band of volunteer engineers and technicians: "This is where the green-racing revolution began..."

July 13, 2010 -- HybridCars
Corn and Cellulosic Ethanol Fight for Viability, Government Favor. Argonne research is noted.

July 12, 2010 -- CNNMoney
Don't believe a word about electric cars and the coming lithium shortage. Argonne study is noted.

July 1, 2010 -- R&D Magazine
Argonne researchers recharge plug-in vehicle standards. Mike Duoba is featured.

July 1, 2010 -- Scientific American
The dirty truth about plug-ins. See Andy Burnham on video.

June 28, 2010 -- EarthTimes
SAE International introduces new standard to measure exhaust emissions and fuel economy of hybrid vehicles. Mike Duoba is quoted.

June 25, 2010 -- IBTimes
Hybrids are often greener in the other state. Michael Wang is quoted.

June 23, 2010 -- Azocleantech
Battery Electric Vehicles vs. Hydrogen Vehicles

June 21, 2010 -- New York Times
USGS's Lithium Find Means Little for Mythical Shortfall. Linda Gaines is quoted.

June 19, 2010 -- National Journal Magazine
Crude Habit: No other nation is so thoroughly hooked on petroleum as the US. Don Hillebrand is quoted.

June 17, 2010 -- Biodiesel Magazine
Hard work has made biodiesel a ‘drop-in’ fuel. Seth Snyder is quoted.

June 8, 2010 -- Washington Post
More electric cars means finding new standards to measure fuel efficiency. Mike Duoba is quoted.

June 4, 2010 -- CircleTrack
Project Green Dyno - Engine Understanding the EFI Engine's Performance. Article by Forrest Jehlik.

June 1, 2010 -- Wired
Mississippi State Wins Big at EcoCAR With 118 MPG, an Argonne-managed student vehicle competition.

June 1, 2010 -- Green Car Advisor
Beyond Li-Ion: Researchers Pursuing Lithium and Zinc Air Batteries

May 12, 2010 -- HPCwire
Supercomputers Put Charge into Battery Research. Larry Curtiss is quoted.

May 11, 2010 -- Medill Reports
Argonne battery symposium looks to electric cars with a 500-mile range.

May 11, 2010 -- VOANews
Chevrolet Volt on sale later this year. Don Hillebrand is quoted.

May 7, 2010 -- New York Times
Will Lithium-Air Battery Rescue Electric Car Drivers From 'Range Anxiety'? Don Hillebrand, Jeff Chamberlain are quoted

April 28, 2010 -- Medill Reports
‘Smart grid' could thwart rising energy costs from electric cars

April 12, 2010 -- GreenCarCongress
Nuvera partners with Argonne on fuel cell stacks

April 12, 2010 -- Chicago Tribune
Naperville, Argonne turn brush into energy

March 30, 2010 -- EarthTechling
Scientist Think Tank Thinking About PHEVs And The Smart Grid

March 25, 2010 -- SAE Int'l
Don Hillebrand is keynote speaker at SAE 2010 World Congress

March 18, 2010 -- TyrePress
Michelin Green X Challenge

March 15, 2010 -- C&EN
Jeff Miller nabs catalysis award

March 11, 2010 -- BatteryPower
Argonne's research is featured on page 30 (page 16 of the pdf) in an article titled, "Funding to Push Battery Technology from Argonne Laboratory to Marketplace."

March 9, 2010 -- AdvantageAustria
Austrian trade delegation visits TTRDC

February 17, 2010 -- AMFI Newsletter
Argonne's butanol work is featured on page 5 in an article titled, "Research on alcohol fuels, including butanol, at Argonne."

February 9, 2010 -- Fleetowner
Shore power for trucks at truckstops far from dead. Linda Gaines, Terry Levinson quoted

February 9, 2010 -- CosmicLog
Argonne and the Automotive X Prize competition

February 7, 2010 --SouthTownStar
Argonne helps save on gasoline. Steve McConnell and Thomas Wallner are quoted

February 3, 2010--Medill
Obama budget and electric cars. Khalil Amine is quoted

January 28, 2010 -- Medill
High speed rails coming to Chicago. Larry Johnson is quoted.

January 26, 2010 -- Nanowerk
Supercomputing time for the lithium-air battery.

January 25, 2010 -- Earth2Tech
Dan Santini is named a top 15 connected car influencer.

January 23, 2010 --
Industry's Goal: Get Small in a Hurry. Steve McConnell is quoted.

January 20, 2010-- New York Times
Toyota secures lithium supply in Argentina. Argonne's Don Hillebrand is interviewed.

January 19, 2010 -- Argonne Media Center
ARRA funding will push battery technology from Argonne into the marketplace.

January 18, 2010 -- GreenChipStocks
Rebuttals to flawed national NAS report and a challenge to the battery industry.

January 15, 2010 -- ABC7Chicago
Plastic bags can take hundreds of years to decompose in a landfill and they are among the most challenging items for recyclers to manage. But new technology could turn those inexpensive bags into a commodity that's highly valuable -- and green. Vilas Pol is quoted.

January 14, 2010 -- SAE Truck and Bus Engineering Online
DOE-funded ‘SuperTrucks’ to be 50% more fuel efficient. Argonne National Laboratory will work with Navistar specifically on technologies that improve combustion efficiency and waste heat recovery. The lab will also conduct combustion spray research for Chrysler Group LLC on an advanced engine.

January 11, 2010 -- ABCNews
Kentucky to Expand Advanced Battery Research. Laboratories proposed for the University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research will be used for developing batteries to power next-generation automobiles, Gov. Steve Beshear said Monday.

January 6, 2010 -- Clean Skies
Automobile Recycling -- Clean Skies News takes a tour of Argonne National Laboratory where scientists have found a better way to recycle cars.

January 4, 2010 -- Consumer Affairs
Race to Replace Gas with Green Batteries -- Argonne researchers are exploring the promise of lithium-air battery technology as an environmentally sound way to fuel the world's growing transportation needs.

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